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135+ Romantic and Cute Happy Birthday Messages For Girlfriend


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We are here with birthday messages to the lover… This is what we have prepared carefully for you words We have compiled birthday words, long, beautiful and special birthday messages to the lover. In our content you can find messages to the distant lover, long, expressive, birthday messages for your girlfriend.

I wish your happiness to continue for the rest of your life and that nothing upsets you in your life. Happy birthday my girlfriend.

I wish the sparkle in your eyes to continue in the New Year. Happy birthday my little girlfriend. Happy Birthday.

May the world inside you be filled with peace, may tomorrow be more beautiful than today. Happy birthday my girlfriend.

I wish all your wishes come true today. Happy birthday, my dear girlfriend.

If I were next to you, I would hug you tight, wish the sparkle in your eyes to continue at every new age and place a big kiss on your cheek. Happy birthday my little girlfriend.

Happy birthday, may your happiness last a lifetime. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

When you were born, you entered life by shining bright like the sun. Always live happily with love. Happy birthday and happy my dearest girlfriend.

I wish you to welcome your new age with hopeful smiles to the whole world. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Romantic Happy Birthday Messages For My Girlfriend

I don’t want to end you for a lifetime, but I always want to start you all over again. Happy birthday my darling…

I don’t want everyone to talk in the assembly of my heart, I don’t want anyone to interfere with love… Earth and sky are my witness that I have no political views other than you . Happy birthday my darling…

My poems smell of tea, my dreams are simply you… Your breath in the teapot, your dimple in the glass. Happy birthday my love of my life. Happy New Year…

I am willing to live all the seasons in one day and all the years in one season with you…

Your presence dissolves all the fears that have accumulated and hardened in me over the years. Whatever is black turns white with you on earth. Goodbye my sweetheart.

I love you; When I feel your hand on my heart, because you managed to take my sorrows and replace them with that warmth that no one has ever been able to achieve… Happy birthday my light…

Sometimes, in those dream hours when I stare into your eyes, I pray for the days spent with you and thank God for giving me your love. Happy birthday dear…

What should I do in this body after you can’t drip into my soul as cemre… You are in love, you are in longing, you are in me… Many many more years, beautiful angel…

You surrender my mind, my soul, my body, whenever you kiss my lips. I taste with you the moments when a lovemaking is like a prayer, like a ceremony. Happy new year my dear one…

Sweet Happy Birthday Messages For Your Girlfriend  

I’m glad you were born for me and I’m so glad you were born for lighting up my life and filling it with legends.

My life you are my heart you’r my love happy birthday to you

Before you’re mine, just hearing your voice on the phone is enough to drive me crazy. I love you my baby.

Happy birthday my special girl. There is a very special day in comparison, where the remaining 364 days in a year are pale.

Happy birthday baby to my amazing girlfriend who showed me what love is and makes a dream come true every day!

Baby, I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that I would one day meet an angel like you. You are truly a blessing to me.

While I can’t give you this birthday present right now, I want you to at least share my dreams. But I promise we will do it soon. Happy New Year Baby.

You proved that there are beautiful girls with a beautiful heart. Happy birthday, my luck.

You are a breeze of fresh air, my little sun. I love you! Great birthday dear.You make my life worth living.

I hope you never lose your smiling face and joy in your new year. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Cute Happy Birthday Messages For Girlfriend

We don’t have to wait to be happy to laugh, maybe we’ll die without laughing. Wishing you always a smile, happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

May the rest of your life be filled with love like the beauty of your heart, my dear girlfriend. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, may tomorrow be happier than today. Happy New Year my dear girlfriend.

May the rest of your life be as clear as water. May all the best wishes you make on your birthday come true. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Whatever you give to life, life will give you more perfect. I don’t know what I gave to life, but it gave me you, who is more valuable than I expected. Happy birthday, happy that you are with me, my dear girlfriend.

I wish you to meet all the dreams of memories in your eyes, the longing of a voice in your ears, and the longing of love in your heart today. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

May the smiles on your face and love in your heart be full of love at your new age. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Happy new year, may happiness be with you. May your dreams come true in this new year. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

I’m sending you thousands of kisses and love from here. Know that you are not forgotten. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend

When you look back at the end of this year, I hope it was a great year. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Happy Birthday Message For My EX-Girlfriend

Let go of thinking, let go of sadness, throw away all bad feelings. Today is your birthday, blow out the candles. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

I looked at the calendars, it shows your birthday again today. It is a very special and meaningful day for me. Happy birthday, happy to have you my dear little girlfriend.

Do you remember the day you were born? While you were crying, everyone around you was laughing. Live such a life that everyone will cry when you die, you smile with joy. Happy birthday, happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Always have a smile on your face because it suits you so well. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

May you always have good years, happy tomorrows, friendly friendships in your life. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

I wish you a happy and smiling new year. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend. Happy new year.

Beauty is in the person, the important thing is to see it. Not seeing, but actually knowing how to look. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the leaves, to the branches, to the greens, to the greens, happy birthday my dear girlfriend. Happy Birthday.

Maybe I’m not with you, but know that in the deepest part of my heart I celebrate today with you. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

I wish you a very profitable, enjoyable, loving and successful year. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Happy Birthday Short Message For Girlfriend

Thanks for being with me, honey. I wish you a very happy birthday, my dear.

I know it’s your birthday today, but I’m probably more excited than you. Happy birthday honey.

Today is the best birthday of the girl. You are the sunshine of my life. Have a fun birthday. Happy birthday to my soul mate.

You smile embers, deep in my heart love. I wish the love of my life a wonderful birthday! Happy birthday to my dear girlfriend!

We may both be flawed, but we are the perfect couple. Best birthday honey.

Sweet darling, I’m excited to celebrate your birthday. I want you to say thank you on this special day. It may seem rushed, but I know in my heart that this is all I think about.

I wish you were wrong, let me be the hand that supports you.

If I were a magician, all your beautiful dreams would come true. Happy birthday to my dear girlfriend.

You bring out the best of my personality and whenever I think of you I put on the brightest smiles.

May your new age bring health first and then all the happiness you wish for. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Happy Birthday Message For My Lovely Girlfriend

Your love is always special in my heart. Loving you is better than anything. I have seen many people, but your existence is worth a thousand people. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Special people are remembered on special occasions and beautiful gifts are given to special people. Happy birthday to my dear girlfriend, who is very special to me.

I wish a happy year for you! I wish everything that goes through your heart to come true. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend!

Be so happy that the tears flowing from your eyes will be charity for those who do not know their value. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

If a raindrop meant I love you and you were to ask me how much I love you, believe me it would rain every day sweetheart. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Happy birthday, I’m glad you’re with me, my dear girlfriend. Happy Birthday.

May your life be hopeful and peaceful, like the light in your eyeballs. May your birthday be filled with happiness and joy. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

May health, happiness, peace and success be with you. Happy birthday my little girlfriend.

My biggest wish is that all your wishes come true today. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

When you look back at the end of this year, I hope it was a great year. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Long Happy Birthday Messages For Girlfriend  

When everything is a great chaos in my life, when you come, the turmoil of life stops. It’s like the world isn’t more than you and that’s enough for me. We wish to reach many happy years together…

My friend, who witnessed the best moments of my life, of course, I’m chasing an unreasonable dream with you and my mind falls in love with you without any expectations. Happy New Year…

You are now the owner and the reason of my heart, which you washed with sunlight… I love you so much, happy birthday my darling.

Now, when I think of those desolate days I spent in this city for many years without meeting you; I love you once again. Your existence feels good to me, I calm down when I know that you love me somewhere. Happy New Year…

If there is a unique peace in the world, it is in the heart. I wish the rest of your life to be like a heart. Happy birthday and happy birthday my dear.

Happy birthday, glad you’re mine! Today, a new page for 365 days is opened. Insha Allah, we will fill new pages together every year, we will be together, my love. Insha Allah, we will bless and celebrate your next birthday, my love, to see Allah and be together.

I was in the most desolate place of my life, then suddenly you came. You came and changed everything I knew. You were the beginning of a journey with hope in it for me and it’s like I was born again with you, happy birthday beautiful.

My heart has endless sentences, but I always thought I was exhausted at the hands of other oppressors. Like a song I try to remember with you, the bad days of the past are on the tip of my tongue. Happy birthday my darling…

You are the drops hitting my window on rainy nights, the summer sun, and even the scent of flowers that comes into my room all of a sudden in spring. You are the reason for my life and you will be loved like a never ending poem. Happy new year my dear one…

I keep you in my mind, I feel it inside me. Happy birthday my love! I want to be with you in every new age without getting tired and exhausted. I pray that we end this life together because I love you so much.

Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend     

Don’t let anyone else run you over! Actually, why don’t you get a driver’s license? I think you’ll crush them for many years…

Come on, let’s go. Happy birthday. And remember, you’re getting closer to death every day. So there’s nothing to celebrate. But if anyone texts before me, there’ll still be blood…

I think it’s the most beautiful meat in the world, the meat on a man’s head. I mean, so so many women can’t be wrong, my love. I wish you all the best for years and wish you a happy birthday.

This beauty, this intelligence, this mind, especially the magic of those eyes full of meaning, God has gathered all the beauty in one place. Anyway, I’ve talked a lot about myself, happy birthday,

As time passes, we celebrate the age of one more year. Should we really celebrate? Don’t worry, every age has its own beauty. Happy birthday, in the hope of getting old together.

Come on, get up early today, get ready. It’s your day, it’s your birthday. This beauty, this intake, this eda, this mind, especially the eyes that look full of meaning… God has gathered all the good in one body. Anyway, I’ve talked a lot about myself, so let’s take a look at you, happy birthday, 

Happy Birthday Message To My Girlfriend

You will probably receive many birthday messages today, but this is the most different one you’ll ever read because it’s a message all written with love. Happy birthday, happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

I can’t thank you a thousand times. You are my light of life, my only girlfriend. The only reason I exist, happy birthday.

I wish you always happy. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Be with someone you can’t live without, not someone you can live with. Happy birthday my little girlfriend.

I wish you a year full of love, health and peace, where hopes will be strengthened with happiness, smiles will never end. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

You are in the dark of the night, in the light of the sun, in the drop of water, sometimes you are with me, sometimes in my dreams, but you are always on my mind, don’t forget. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

May your new age be filled with the best news and the most beautiful surprises. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Today your hopes should be more beautiful, you should love life more, because you were born today. Happy birthday my little girlfriend.

The best years in life are those that pass quickly. I wish that every new day that will create your future will be more beautiful than the previous day and in a way that will make you happy. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Live, Love, Laugh… These should not be missing in your life. No matter what your age is, the best of everything is with you, my dear girlfriend. Many happy, joyful and lively years.

Welcome to life with your heart that deserves to be loved. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

Wishing you a year filled with beauty. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend.

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