Eastern Washington City of Medical Lake Faces Devastating Wildfire

MEDICAL LAKE, Wash. — A second-alarm wildfire has engulfed the city of Medical Lake, leading to a Level 3 (GO NOW!) evacuation order for the entire city and surrounding areas. The blaze has already consumed over 3,000 acres, and strong winds are fueling its rapid spread.

One Fatality Confirmed

Tragically, law enforcement has confirmed that one person has died in the fire. Details about the victim’s identity and the circumstances of the death have not yet been released.

Structures Lost and Fire Continues to Grow

Several structures have been lost to the flames, and the fire continues to grow, even jumping over the barriers that firefighters have set. The KREM 2 Weather Team has warned that the winds are expected to persist through 7 p.m. Friday, shifting to a more northerly direction later.

Massive Response

Multiple aircraft and over a dozen fire engines are heading to the scene to combat the blaze. Firefighters are setting lines to try to contain the fire, but the situation remains extremely volatile.

Evacuation Details

Level 3 (GO NOW!) evacuations are in place for the following areas:

  • City of Medical Lake
  • Eastern State Hospital
  • West to West Medical Lake
  • East to Bartholomew
  • North to Medical Lake City limits
  • South to Greengate
  • Residents west of Gray Road
  • Residents east to Clear Lake
  • Residents south to Medical Lake Tyler Road
  • Residents north to Greengate Lane
  • SR 902 to Green Gate Lane, including Medical Lake Waterfront Park
  • Fancher Road
  • I-90 on the south
  • Medical Lake City Limits on the north
  • Silver Lake on the east
  • Clear Lake on the west
  • East of Silver Lake, specifically the area encompassed by Medical Lake Four Lakes road to Lake Side Drive to Granite Lake Road with the southern boundary of I-90
  • Gray on the west
  • Murphy on the east
  • I-90 on the north
  • 902 on the south

Level 2 (Get Set!) evacuations are also in place for specific areas, and details can be found in the official evacuation notice.

Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place orders have been issued for some areas, and residents are urged to follow the instructions of local authorities.


The situation in Medical Lake is dire, and the community is facing a significant threat from this wildfire. Residents are urged to take the evacuation orders seriously and to leave the area immediately if instructed to do so.

Emergency services are working tirelessly to contain the blaze, but the strong winds and dry conditions are making their task incredibly challenging.

Our thoughts are with the residents of Medical Lake and the brave firefighters and emergency responders working to protect the community. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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