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Top 8 Best Dog Winter Coats of 2022 | Best Dog Coats Buying Guide

Best Dog Coats for Winter: If you want your pet to go out in the street warm and not be cold, I recommend you take into account the best coats for dogs that we present in the following comparison. These coats are very comfortable to wear, and your pet will thank you for them.

In this guide, you will find best dog coats available on Amazon with which you can guarantee optimal warmth, comfort, and safety of the animal in any weather conditions. They are available in various sizes and colours to choose the right one depending on the breed of the animal, and one of the models even has reflective stripes that allow you to make the dog visible during night walks. Discover them!

The Best Coats For Dogs

What are the best dog coats?

Whether you have a chihuahua, a dachshund, or a large breed dog, your clothing needs to be quality. Among the most important features of winter coats for dogs is that they must be waterproof and keep very warm. In addition to considering dog quilts. Whether it’s a sweater, a jacket or a coat, it must be comfortable!

1- Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof, Dog Vest Winter Coat

The same weight of pets, but bust, waist circumference data can be very different, so before buying needs to measure the dog’s neck, bust, and back length, and then according to the size chart to choose.

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  • Color: Red, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink, Purple, Bright Red,
  • Material: polyester TC (terylene/cotton).

About this product:

  1. windproof outer layer / soft and warm inner layer.
  2. Outdoor or indoor activities suitable for winter or autumn, Keep your dog comfortable and warm in cold and rainy weather.
  3. Machine washable at 30 ° C
  4. Can be worn on both sides. The classic design makes your dog cute and stylish.
  5. The dog clothes are lightweight, soft, comfortable, and warm.
  6. Water Resistant Outer layer and lightweight
  7. Perfect size for all small medium large dogs, such as Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Long-haired Collie, Poodle, Teddy Bear, Schnauzer, Alaskan Malamute.
Sizes Available:
  • XS: Chest Girth: 9.4-13.8″, Body Length: 9.8″, Neck Girth:8.7-10.6″,
  • S: Chest Girth: 13.8-17.3″, Body Length: 11.8″, Neck Girth: 10.6-12.6″
  • M: Chest Girth: 17.3-20.9″, Body Length: 14.2″, Neck Girth: 12.6-15.0″,
  • L: Chest Girth: 20.9-24.4″, Body Length: 17.0″, Neck Girth: 15.0-17.3″,
  • XL: Chest Girth: 24.4-29.5″, Body Length: 20.1″, Neck Girth: 17.3-20.5″,
  • 2XL: Chest Girth: 29.5-35.4″, Body Length: 23.2″, Neck Girth: 20.5-23.6″,
  • 3XL: Chest Girth: 35.4-43.3″, Body Length: 26.4″, Neck Girth: 23.6-26.8″,

2- JoyDaog Winter Cold Weather,Soft Windproof Dog Coat

The pet coat has a built-in hole for attaching the dog’s leash to the collar so you can walk him while keeping him warm. In addition, the edges of the legs and waistbands are fully elasticized for comfort and freedom of movement.

About this product

  • Material: 2-layer fleece lining, very warm in winter; Extra soft, windproof and comfortable polyester fabric;
  • Heavy-duty stitching and easy-on, easy-off metal snaps.
  • Strap hole at neck, elasticated edges for legs and waist;
  • Features: fashionable, durable, lightweight, windproof and soft dog coat;

Sizes Available:

  • XS:Chest(10.1″-12″), Neck9.5″,Length9.5″
  • S:Chest(12.1″-14.4″),Neck10.5″,Length10.5″
  • M:Chest(14.5″-16.9″),Neck12″,Length12″
  • L:Chest(17″-20.9″),Neck14″,Length14.5″
  • XL:Chest(21″-23.9″),Neck15″, Length16″
  • XXL:Chest(24″-26.5″), Neck16″, Length17″
  • XXXL:Chest (26.6″-31″),Neck19″, Length20″

3- VICTORIE Dog Raincoat Pet Rain Jacket Rain Snow Coat

Coat made of waterproof material composed of super breathable polyester. Thanks to the hood, you can keep your dog completely dry.

A reflective strip design allows you to take it out even at night. Easy to clean with a damp cloth and a little water.

It is very easy to put on and take off and adjustable to ensure the best possible comfort.

About this product
  • With the rain design, your pet’s head will not get wet anymore. 
  • Attach a reflective strip, so you can keep a protection for your pet at night. 
  • Easy to put on or take off by adjustable design. 
  • 100% waterproof breathable lightweight fabric. 
  • Absolutely easy to care for. Machine wash or hand wash when dirty. Clean with a damp cloth in daily maintenance.
  • Suitable: Pet (including dogs and cats).

Sizes Available:

  • S:(Chest girth:50-60cm, back length:40cm, neck girth:33-37cm)
  • M:(Chest girth:60-72cm, back length:50cm, neck girth:38-44cm)
  • L:(Chest girth:73-84cm, back length:60cm, neck girth:45-52cm)
  • XL:(Chest girth:84-97cm, back length:70cm, neck girth:73-84cm)
  • Fits most dogs. Please measure pets before purch

4- ThinkPet Dog Cold Weather Coats

This ThinkPet dog coat will be great for the autumn and winter months, and your furry dog will love it because, besides being warm, it is very comfortable and will allow him to move freely, without any discomfort.

It is made of quilted cotton, lightweight and breathable, as well as very soft and warm, and will protect your dog’s entire body from the cold, including the chest area, which has an elastic to fit perfectly. The jacket closes using Velcro straps on one of the sides and the front area and has a zipper on the dog’s back area, which you can open at the necessary height to attach the leash to a harness.

For your dog’s safety, the coat has prominent reflective stripes, which will make sure you won’t lose sight of him even after dark. Another feature that makes this winter jacket for dogs special is that it is reversible: it is a different colour on each side, so it is as if you had two jackets in one. However, it must be said that only one side has reflective stripes.

This practical dog coat is available in no less than eight different sizes to fit dogs of practically all sizes.

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About this product
  • Medium Dog Coat Size M Neck 53cm, Chest 50-62cm, Back: 39cm, mainly according to chest measurement, suitable for small or medium dogs.
  • The padded inner layer keeps dogs warm and comfortable but not limited to dog walking as it keeps your dogs belly from snow, leaves or any other outdoor elements thanks to its good coverage
  • Versatile and stylish reversible dog jacket for indoor and outdoor use, dogs can wear this vest on the left side, if you have or want to change the style or escape from too much heat
  • Flexible with elastic adjustment and combined hook and loop under the belly makes it easy to put on and take off, providing a better fit and more comfort for dogs at the same time, the zipper on the back makes it mobile to integrate any harness or neck type
  • Dog safety vest with reflective trim for added visibility, highly reflective when the lights put it on, in case you have to walk around the house

Sizes Available:

  • XS (Back 11″, Chest 15-17″, Neck 15″)
  • S (Back 13″, Chest 17-19″, Neck 18″)
  • M (Back 15″, Chest 17-20″, Neck 19)
  • L (Back 17″ Chest 19 -22″, Neck 21″)
  • XL (Back 19″, Chest 22-25″, Neck 22″)
  • 2XL (Back 21″, Chest 24-27″, Neck 26″)
  • 3XL (Back 23″, Chest 26-30″, Neck 26″)

5- Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Coat

In this case, the Extreme Warmer dog coat from Hurtta, one of the most prestigious dog clothing brands, can become your best ally since, with it on, your furry one will be protected from the cold wind, rain, and even snow.

This excellent dog jacket is especially suitable for the coldest weather conditions. Its unique inner lining reflects the dog’s body heat, thus stimulating its blood circulation, which provides excellent warmth.

The Extreme Warmer has been specially designed to protect the main muscle groups of our furry dogs. If we add to this that it is a waterproof and breathable dog coat, we have the perfect garment for the winter months.

With this coat, your dog’s whole body will be perfectly protected, including the chest and abdomen, a susceptible area, and that, in the case of dogs that have rather short legs, gets very wet on rainy days. You can also pull up his collar to protect his ears from the cold.

Another exciting feature of the Hurtta Extreme Warmer is that it has 3M high-visibility reflectors so that you will always be able to find your furry friend, even if it is already dark. On the other hand, it is very adaptable, as you can adjust the chest and waist circumference, the neck, and even the length. In the back area, there is an opening to attach the leash to a harness.

About this product

  • The inner lining contains heat reflectors that will keep the dog warm even in very cold or windy conditions.
  • The soft and odorless material makes the dog forget that he is dressed.
  • Of course, the coat is fully adjustable and equipped with 3M reflectors.
  • The Extreme Warmer coat has a water column of 3,000 mm.
  • Water Resistance Level Waterproof

Size: 10in – 24 in
Color: Granite
Material: Polyester
Brand: Hurtta

6- Waterproof Dog Warm Jacket for Fall Winter

IREENUO waterproof dog coat is an excellent gift for the dog. On rainy days and cold winters, dogs long to go outside every day. We’re worried about them getting cold in this case, but this coat gives you the perfect solution. We offer double protection of a waterproof surface and ONE thermal lining to keep moisture out on dogs from the inside out. After putting on your dog’s waterproof coat, you never have to worry about your dog getting cold or dirty again.

waterproof surface

A waterproof coat is a good gift for the dog. Rain and dirt can be gently wiped off the waterproof surfaces. Put on a raincoat, you can take the dog anywhere. With this waterproof dog coat, dogs can move freely and won’t get wet in rainy days.

Sizes Available: L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL,

7- Vecomfy Fleece Lining Extra Warm Dog Coat in Winter

It features a soft polyester exterior with a warm fleece inside, and the interior is lined with cotton and a hood to shield their ears. The light jacket has small holes to insert your harness or leash through the leg holes, two that allow it to stay in place and durable buttons that snap shut underneath your pup’s chest.

Sizes Available:

  • XS:Chest10″-12″(25-30cm),Neck9.5″(24cm),Length9.5″(23cm)
  • S:Chest12.1″-14.4″(31-36cm),Neck10.5″ (26cm),Length10.5″ (26cm)
  • M:Chest14.5″-16.9″(37-43cm),Neck12″ (31cm),Length12.6″(32cm)
  • L:Chest17″-20″(44-51cm),Neck14″(36cm),Length14.6″(37cm)
  • XL:Chest20.1″-23.5″(52-59cm),Neck15.5″(39cm),Length16″(40cm)
  • 2XL:Chest23″-26.5″(59-67cm),Neck16.5″(42cm),Length17.5″(44cm)
  • 3XL:Chest26.6″-31″(68-78cm),Neck19″(47cm),Length21″(53cm)

8- MIGOHI Reflective Waterproof Windproof Dog Coat Cold Weather

Its outer layer is made with a terylene cloth that is splashproof and windproof, and the fleece and cotton inside layer provide comfort. The coat’s back is a zipper that allows pet owners to access their dog’s harness and collar. However, its pullover design and reflective leg straps are two of the main reasons this coat is highly recommended.

Sizes Available:

  • XS:Back Length: (8.7″/22CM), Chest Girth:(9.8″-12.6″/25-32cm);
  • S :Back Length: (10.2″/26CM),Chest Girth:(12.6″-15.7″/32-40cm);
  • M: Back Length: (15″/38CM), Chest Girth:(15.7″-19.7″/40-50cm);
  • L: Back Length: (17.7″/45CM), Chest Girth:(19.7″-24.8″/50-63cm);
  • XL: Back Length: (22.8″/58CM),Chest Girth: (24.8″-31.5″/63-80cm);
  • XXL:Back Length: (26″/66CM), Chest Girth: (31.5″-35.4″/80-90cm);
  • XXXL:Back Length: (28.7″/73CM), Chest Girth:(35.4″-42.5″/90-108cm);

Factors to consider when buying dog Coats

If you have decided that you want to buy clothes for your dog, you must take into account certain factors, in order to get a garment that suits the situation in which it will be used, and with which your dog will feel comfortable. Let’s take a look at them.

Is it the right size?

When you buy clothes for yourself, you make sure they are the right size, and you should do the same for your dog. Look carefully at the measurements indicated by the manufacturer for each size, and measure your dog carefully to make sure it will fit him well: the garment should not be too loose, but it should not be too tight either, because then your dog would not feel comfortable wearing it and would refuse to put it on.

Is it comfortable for my dog?

I’ll repeat it: if your dog is not comfortable in his new garment, he won’t want to wear it. Period. And there will be no way to reason with him to convince him. For this reason, it is advisable to choose garments made of soft, breathable and lightweight materials that give them sufficient freedom of movement.

Does it allow him to pee without a problem?

This is a particularly tricky issue for male dogs. Ensure his new coat does not cover his genital area, or he will get it wet when he needs to pee.

Are you allowed to use a harness or collar?

If you are going to put a coat on your dog, it is very interesting that it includes an opening to connect the leash to his harness. In the case of collars, it is usually more manageable, but if the garment has a high collar, make sure you have a place to attach the leash to the collar.

Is it easy to put on and take off?

While some dogs will allow you to manipulate them without any problem putting on their clothes, many others do not like it very much and get stressed if, for example, you have to put on a coat that has to be pulled over the head and then over the front legs.

If your dog belongs to the second group, it is better to choose clothes that can be fastened and unfastened quickly and easily through buttons, Velcro or zippers.

Frequent questions

Does my dog ​​really need a coat to protect him from the rain?

Most dogs certainly don’t need to wear a raincoat or rain boots, but some breeds benefit from wearing coats. Among these are mainly short-haired dogs, which do not have thick enough fur to protect themselves from the rain naturally.

What temperature must it be outside for a dog to wear a coat?

When the outside temperature starts to drop below 7 degrees Celsius, some dog breeds may feel uncomfortable and need protection. For owners of smaller sizes, puppies, dogs of a certain age or even for all those breeds of short-haired dogs, when the outside temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, it is always good to bring a sweater or a coat.

How do I choose the correct size coat for my dog?

It is essential that, before buying, you check the measurements provided by the manufacturer of the coat and, based on them, measure your dog well. 
Generally, you’ll want to measure your dog’s chest girth and back length (from the base of his neck to the base of his tail). 
In some cases, you will also need to measure your neck circumference.
The coat should not be too loose for your dog, but it should not be too tight either, since if it were, it would not feel comfortable.

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