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Best Dog Beds of 2024 According to Dog Experts

Quick guide: a first look at the best dog beds

In this quick guide we show you the main characteristics of the Best Dog Beds that we consider to be the most interesting. The first 5 models are those that have a premium quality and will satisfy even the most demanding dogs, while the next beds on the list are cheaper and will be able to satisfy users with a tighter budget.

Orthopedic and / or premium quality Best Dog Beds

The models in this section are what we consider to be the best dog beds on the current market. Choose one of them if you have an elderly dog, with joint problems or if you simply want to provide your dog with an optimal and extremely comfortable resting place.

All the beds in this section are orthopedic, with the exception of the Dog’s Companion model, which is not made with memory foam but stands out for offering great resistance and displaying a very high manufacturing quality.

Opinions and in-depth analysis of the best dog beds

Below we analyze in depth what, at MascotaPro, we consider to be the most interesting Best Dog Beds on the current market. We will do it in the same order in which we have shown them in the quick guide, starting with the premium quality ones , and continuing with the cheaper models.

1- Orthopedic dog bed with built-in pillow | Kopeks

Some dogs, either because of their age, or because they suffer from a disease such as osteoarthrosis or hip dysplasia , need to take special care with their joints and, for this, it is very important that they have a suitable bed for their needs.

If this is the case with your furry dog, an  orthopedic bed for dogs  like this one from Kopeks will come in handy, where they will sleep like a king. My dog ​​Rufus has had joint problems since he was a puppy; This is the bed you are using at the moment and I have to say that you are very comfortable in it.

And it is not for less. It is a  bed for dogs  composed of an  orthopedic grade memory foam mattress , or  Memory Foam , a material that adapts perfectly to the dog’s body, relieving the joints and the spine, thanks to the body temperature, which it makes the mattress sag, but return to its original shape when the dog is not using it.

To make your dog even more comfortable, this Kopeks model includes a raised area, which doubles as a pillow, where your dog can rest his head, if he feels like it.

The bed has a washable microsuede cover, which is very soft but resistant, and can be easily removed and put on, as it has a zipper. In addition, it also has a totally waterproof internal cover, to protect the memory foam of the mattress in case your dog has an “accident”.

As for the lower part of the bed, it has been made with a very resistant and non-slip fabric, so that it does not move from its place, no matter how impetuous your dog is.

You can buy the   Kopeks memory foam bed for dogs in three sizes, the dimensions of which are as follows:

  • Size SM : 63 x 50 x 10 cm, bed suitable for small or medium dogs, such as a Westie, an Andalusian winemaker or a Boston terrier, for example.
  • Size L : 91 x 71 x 15 cm, ideal bed for medium to large dogs, such as a pitbull, a beagle or a bulldog, for example.
  • XL size : 127 x 85 x 18 cm, bed suitable for large dogs, such as a Labrador, a German Shepherd or a Doberman, for example.

Who should buy the Kopeks orthopedic pillow bed?

Whoever has an elderly dog ​​and / or with joint problems, or who wants to provide maximum comfort to their furry dog.

The   Kopeks Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed is shipped rolled up and vacuum packed, and you should allow 24-72 hours for it to expand to its normal shape and size. 

f you wish, you also have the possibility to buy  replacement covers for the Kopeks orthopedic bed . You have them available in gray and brown, and in all existing bed sizes. You can see them on Amazon through the following links:

2- Orthopedic memory foam dog bed (with raised edges) | PetFusion

If your dog is one of those who likes to sleep leaning his back on a backrest, or putting his head on a pillow or cushion, this beautiful  orthopedic raised edge dog bed  from  PetFusion  could be the bed of his dreams, as it comes to be a kind of sofa made to measure.

It is a  bed with a viscoelastic mattress for dogs , so it will be really comfortable for your furry, especially if he is already a certain age, or if he suffers from some type of joint pain, since it is thick and soft, but at the same time firm, and adapts perfectly to your body.

The mattress is surrounded by a raised edge filled with recycled ecological Polifyfill on which your dog can rest his head as a pillow, and which will also serve as a backrest, to support his back.

The lower part of the bed, meanwhile, is non-slip to prevent it from slipping and, as for the cover, it is resistant to water and tears and is easily cleaned. Of course, it is also possible to remove it for machine washing. In addition, replacement covers are available, sold separately, which always comes in handy.

The   PetFusion Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed is available in the following sizes:

  • Small-Medium : 63.5 x 50.8 x 14 cm, bed suitable for small breeds such as the Yorkshire, the Westie or the Shih Tzu, for example.
  • Large : 36 “x 28” x 9 “, bed suitable for medium breeds such as the cocker spaniel, border collie or beagle for example.
  • Extra Large : 44 “x 33” x 10 “, bed suitable for breeds such as the Border Collie, Labrador, or English Setter, for example.
  • Jumbo : 127 x 40 x 33 cm, bed suitable for breeds such as the Golden Retriever, Rottweiler or Pitbull, for example.

Who should buy the PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed?

Who wants to give maximum comfort to their dog, with an orthopedic bed that also provides support thanks to its raised edges.

The   Petfusion orthopedic dog bed is an elegant gray color and, due to its beautiful design, it will look great wherever you put it. If you want to see the availability and offers of all sizes –and, if you want, buy the most suitable one for your dog– click on the following links:

Where to buy the PetFusion bed

Replacement sleeves are sold separately and are available in small-medium ,  large ,  extra-large,  and  jumbo sizes  ; In addition, the brand also sells a  blanket to match the bed . You can see their prices and availability on Amazon by clicking on the links we just left you.

3- Orthopedic bed for large and giant dogs | Kopeks

When you have a very large breed dog, such as a Great Dane or Mastiff, for example, it is sometimes not so easy to find a suitable bed for them. A dog of this size not only needs the bed where it is going to rest to be spacious, but also to be thick and strong enough to support its weight without deforming.

Giant dogs, in addition, due to their constitution, are quite prone to suffering from hip dysplasia, something that we must take into account when choosing the best bed for them. For these reasons, I believe this  orthopedic dog bed sofa type  of  KOPEKS  is an excellent choice.

To begin with, it is huge, and a giant dog will fit perfectly in it; it can even be used as a  bed for two  medium-sized dogs . In addition, it has a mattress made of high-end 100% memory foam, which will allow your “little one” to sleep like a king and wake up rested and happy.

The outer cover of the bed is made of soft suede, and we can remove it to clean it in the washing machine. In addition, the mattress comes with another internal cover, which is waterproof, in case of an accident. The bed is available in gray and brown, and replacement covers are also available, which can be purchased separately, and are available, like the beds, in gray and brown.

Who should buy the Kopeks jumbo dog bed?

Whoever has a large or giant dog and wants to buy the perfect bed for him. It is also ideal for anyone who has two medium-sized dogs and wants them to sleep together in a very good bed.

The dimensions of this  bed for large and giant dogs  are 142 x 100 cm; the mattress is 18 cm thick, and the arms and back are 25 cm high. Regarding its price, it is certainly not the cheapest option, but if you have a large or giant dog, the investment will be worth it. You can buy it in the following links:

Where to buy the Kopeks jumbo bed

4- Waterproof and resistant dog bed | Dogs Companion

This  resistant bed for dogs  has many qualities that I am sure you and your dog will like: not only is it extremely comfortable, something that your furry will undoubtedly appreciate, but it is also practical, since it perfectly repels both the water like dirt.

The mattress is filled with expanded polystyrene balls, which adapt perfectly to the dog’s body and reflect its temperature, with a thermal insulation effect that is very beneficial for its muscles and joints. In addition, it is a material that will make your dog’s hair dry quickly if it is wet, after a bath or a walk in the rain.

The outer cover of the bed is made of Gore-Tex, making it a  waterproof bed for dogs , and it repels dirt: if your furry has an ‘accident’, no problem, because moisture does not penetrate the filling at all . The cover is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, but you can also remove it and wash it in the washing machine at 60ºC.

As for the internal cover, it is made of resistant nylon, and it has a zipper that will allow you to add more expanded polystyrene balls if you consider it necessary, to adjust the bed to the weight of your dog. Due to its waterproof and resistant material, the  dog bed from  Dog’s Companion  can be used both indoors and outdoors, and as it is very light, can also venirte fine if you want to take the trip.

It is available in the following sizes:

  • Size XS : 55 x 45 cm, bed for minis breeds, such as a Chihuahua or a Yorkshire, for example.
  • Size S : 70 x 50 cm, bed for small breeds, such as the Westie, the Dachshund or the Shih Tzu, for example.
  • Size M : 90 x 70 cm, bed for medium breeds, such as the cocker spaniel, the border collie or the beagle, for example.
  • Size L : 115 x 85 cm, bed for large breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, the Rottweiler or the Pitbull, for example.
  • Size XL : 140 x 95 cm, bed for giant breeds, such as the Great Dane, the Saint Bernard, or the Mastiff, for example.

Who should buy the Dog’s Companion bed?

Who wants to buy a good quality, waterproof and resistant bed for their dog.

The   Dog’s Companion Waterproof and Sturdy Dog Bed is priced to vary depending on the size you need. You can see all their sizes and the available offers by clicking on the following link.

Where to buy the Dog’s Companion bed

5- Orthopedic round sofa-bed for dogs | Kopeks

Are you fed up with your dog getting on the couch? Well, buy him one for himself! I do not guarantee that he will stop lying on your sofa – more than anything, because our dogs love to be near us and enjoy our company and our caresses – but by trying he will not stay, and it is possible that he will you give away this luxurious  orthopedic sofa bed for dogs  from Kopeks, it is so comfortable and spacious in it that it ends up becoming the favorite place to take its many naps.

This beautiful  dog sofa  is round and has a base made of high-end memory foam, which makes it ideal for dogs with arthritis or other joint problems.

It has raised edges as a backrest where your furry can support his back, and that he will love, especially if he is one of those who like to sleep curled up. But if you want to stretch, you can too, since the bed, thanks to its round design, is super spacious.

The sofa cover is made of a soft microsuede, which is very resistant, but has a very soft touch that your dog will love. This cover has a zipper, so it can be removed very easily so that it can be washed in the washing machine. Protecting the memory foam there is an internal cover that is 100% waterproof and very resistant. As for the fabric of the lower part of the bed, it is non-slip.

You can buy the   Kopeks sofa bed for dogs in two different sizes. These are its dimensions:

  • Size L : has a diameter of 90 cm and a thickness of 12 cm. The backrest measures 15 cm. It is a sofa-bed suitable for medium and large dogs, such as a pit bull, a pointer or a Dalmatian, for example.
  • XL size : has a diameter of 127 cm and a thickness of 15 cm. The backrest measures 18 cm. It is a sofa-bed suitable for very large dogs, such as a Great Dane, a Rottweiler or a Saint Bernard, for example.

Who should buy the Kopeks dog sofa bed?

Whoever has a large or very large dog and is looking for a bed that is as comfortable as on the sofa.

The   Kopeks round orthopedic sofa bed for dogs is available in gray and brown. If you want to see all the options of colors and sizes, or want to buy it, you can do it through the following links:

Where to buy the Kopeks sofa bed

This bed has replacement covers, which you can buy in  size L gray ,  size L brown ,  size XL gray  and  size XL brown ; You can buy them on Amazon by clicking on the links that we just left you.

6- Great Value Traditional Dog Bed | BedDog Max Quattro

If you are looking for a  good value dog bed , this is a great option. BedDog’s ‘Max Quattro’   is a great alternative for those who want a quality product where their dog can sleep comfortably, without leaving their checking account shaking.

Despite having a more affordable price than the models we have seen above, it is a  fairly resistant bed ; It is composed of a base with a very soft cushion, to provide comfort to our furry friend, and a padded edge.

The bed, on the other hand, is reversible, being possible to change the mode of use in a very simple way, simply by turning the mattress over. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or with a vacuum cleaner, and its cover is removable and can be washed in the washing machine at 30ºC.

This outer cover is made of high quality cordura fabric, which makes it durable as well as water resistant. As for the filling, both of the mattress and the edges, it is made up of pieces of sponge and they are very soft. Of course, it is recommended that you allow 24 hours to pass before using it, so that it can take shape, since it is vacuum packed.

The   BedDog Max Quattro traditional dog bed is available in several different colors, and in the following sizes:

  • Size M : 70 x 55 x 18 cm (45 x 30 cm lying surface). Suitable bed for mini dogs, such as the Yorkshire or the Chihuahua, for example.
  • Size L : 80 x 65 x 18 cm (55 x 40 cm lying surface). Suitable bed for small dogs, such as Westie, Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Scottish Terrier or Border Terrier, for example.
  • Size XL : 100 x 85 x 20 cm (65 x 55 cm lying surface). Suitable bed for medium-sized dogs like the cocker spaniel or the beagle, for example.
  • Size XXL : 120 x 85 x 20 cm (85 x 55 cm lying surface). Suitable bed for large dogs, such as the Labrador, the Border Collie or the English Setter, for example.
  • Size XXXL : 150 x 110 x 23 cm (lying area 110 x 80 cm). Suitable bed for very large dogs, such as the Doberman or the German Shepherd, for example.

Who should buy the BedDog Max Quattro bed?

Who does not need or does not have the budget to buy an orthopedic bed for their dog, but wants to get a model that has good quality standards.

As you can see, the variety is great and it is a bed that, depending on the version chosen, can be adapted to the vast majority of breeds and sizes of dog. You can see all the sizes, designs and offers available – and, if you want, buy the bed – by clicking on the following link.

Where to buy the BedDog Max Quattro bed

7- Cheap Dog Bed Of Various Sizes | Pecute

If you are looking for a bed for your dog that offers you a certain quality, but you cannot afford to spend too much, this one from Pecute may be just what you are looking for, because it is quite comfortable and resistant, despite the fact that it is a  cheap dog bed .

It is filled with PP cotton, very soft, and the outer part is made of high-quality micro suede, while the cushion and the inside of the edges are corduroy, quite durable and very soft and pleasant, as well as warm.

The   Pecute economy dog ​​bed cover can be easily removed as it has a zipper so you can wash it in the washing machine if necessary. On a day-to-day basis, the best thing to do is to clean it using a damp cloth, or also a brush or a vacuum cleaner.

By having raised and reinforced sides, filled with PP cotton, this bed provides additional support for the head, neck and back of dogs, which makes them comfortable in it. The bed is available in three sizes, the dimensions of which are as follows:

  • Size S : 53 x 43 x 18 cm (41 x 32 cm lying surface), ideal bed for mini or toy dogs such as the Chihuahua or the Yorkshire Terrier, for example.
  • Size M : 63 x 53 x 21 cm (50 x 43 cm lying surface), suitable bed for small-medium dogs, such as Westie or Dachshund, for example.
  • Size L : 80 x 66 x 23 cm (68 x 50 cm lying area), suitable bed for medium-sized dogs, such as the beagle or the cocker spaniel, for example.

Who should buy the Pecute bed?

Whoever does not have a lot of budget and wants to buy his dog a bed of acceptable quality and with an attractive design.

The  cheap  Pecute dog bed will look great in any room, since thanks to its elegant gray color it is very easy to combine with any type of decoration. To see it in more detail –or buy it– click on the following link:

Where to buy the Pecute dog bed

8- Small Dog Nest Bed | Lamzoom

If you have a small dog who likes to sleep curled up and warm, this   Lamzoom dog nest bed is going to become his favorite resting place, especially in the winter months.

It is a  donut-shaped dog bed  that is very cozy and fluffy, with a very soft and warm plush cover. By having the raised and padded edge, it creates a sense of security, and provides support for the head and neck of the dog, which will feel protected and comfortable. The lower part is made of thick, waterproof and non-slip fabric, so that it does not slip.

You can buy it in two different sizes: 

  • The  smallest size  has a diameter of 50 cm and a thickness of 20 cm, and it will work for you if you have a mini breed dog, such as a chihuahua or a bichon frize or a miniature pinscher.
  • The  largest size  has a diameter of 70 cm and a thickness of 20 cm, and will suit you well if you have a small breed dog, such as a pug or an Italian greyhound, for example.

Who should buy the Lamzoom dog bed?

Anyone who has a small or mini breed dog who loves to sleep curled up and warm.

The  pull-out bed for dogs  of Lamzoom is available in a variety of different colors. To see them all, or buy one for your dog, click on the following link:

Where to buy the Lamzoom trundle bed

9- Cave Bed for Small Dogs and Mini Breeds |  ANPI Beds

Many small breed dogs love to sleep in a  cave-like bed , as they feel protected and warm inside. If you have a  Chihuahua , a  Yorkshire  or a  Maltese , for example, this cave that turns into a bed could be a good option.

The cave is made of Oxford fabric filled with foam upholstery, and inside it has a thick and soft plush cushion. Its lower part is made of a non-slip material so that it does not move from its place.

If at any given moment you want to turn the cave into an open bed, all you have to do is remove the cushion and push the roof of the bed down until it is folded. Then, you put the cushion back on top, and that’s it. The bed, likewise, is completely disassembled, which comes in handy if we want to go on a trip. In addition, it can be washed in the washing machine.

You can choose between several different colors and patterns, and between three different versions, depending on the size of your dog:

  • Small:  35 x 28 cm, with a height of 28 cm, suitable for dogs up to 3 kg.
  • Medium:  45 x 35 cm, with a height of 35 cm, suitable for dogs up to 7 kg.
  • Large:  60 x 45 cm, with a height of 45 cm, suitable for dogs up to 10 kg.

Who should buy the ANPI bed?

Who has a small dog that is cold and likes to take refuge, and wants to provide a warm bed for the winter months.

The   ANPI cave bed for small dogs has a price that varies depending on the size you choose. You can see all its versions –and, if you wish, buy the one that best suits you– by clicking on the following link.

Where to buy ANPI dog bed?

10- Plastic bed for small and medium dogs | Curver

The  plastic beds for dogs  are very practical, because they are resistant, and also are hygienic and very easy to clean: we will not have more to add cushion we want, and our dog will have a good bed, which also will be lasting.

The plastic bed with a rattan look from  Curver  has an ergonomic shape, so that our dog is comfortable in it, and a lower part in its anterior area that will facilitate entry and exit to your furry; Its materials are also non-toxic and have a UV filter that allows it to resist sunlight and make the bed suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

It is also non-slip; it has some small holes in the base for good ventilation; and it has a raised edge, so you can lean on it, and feel protected.

We have it available in two different colors (anthracite and mocca), and in two different sizes. These are your measurements:

  • S size bed : 68 x 50 x 16 cm (suitable for dogs the size of dachshund, westie, shiz tzu, etc).
  • Bed size M : 87 x 69 x 19 cm (suitable for dogs the size of the poodle, the beagle, the cocker spaniel, etc.).

Who should buy the Curver bed?

Anyone who wants a durable, resistant and easy-to-clean bed for their dog and wants to use the cushion they want on it.

The  bed plastic dog  Curver has a price that varies according to the size you buy. You can see all the versions, designs and offers available by clicking on the following link.

Where to buy the Curver dog bed?

11- Padded Blanket Dog Bed | Hero dog

If your dog is like my Rufus, he sure loves to get on the couch, or even on your bed. In that case, this  bed dog blanket type  of  Hero Dog  you can come great. It is a padded blanket between 3 and 4 cm thick, soft and flexible, with an ultra-soft plush surface, filled with cotton, with the bottom part made of non-slip material, so that it stays in place, even if you have a dog very active.

It is very useful placed on the floor, but also on top of a sofa or a piece of furniture, and it is great to carry in the car, the truth is that it is a great option if you are going to go on a trip with your furry -for that last use, you can also see more options in our article of  protective blankets to take the dog in the car -. 

The bed is easy to clean and can be machine washed without any problems. It is available in four colors: blue, brown, gray and red, and in six different sizes ranging from XS to XXL. These are your measurements:

  • Size XS : 53 x 36 cm (bed suitable for Chihuahuas, Yorkshire, etc.)
  • Size S : 70 x 50 cm (bed suitable for breeds such as Westie, Dachshund, Shih Tzu, etc.)
  • Size M : 90 x 60 cm (bed suitable for beagle, cocker spaniel, poodle, etc.)
  • Size L : 107 × 70 cm (bed suitable for border collie, labrador, English setter, etc.)
  • Size XL : 120 x 85 cm (bed suitable for German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Alaskan Malamute, etc.)
  • XXL size : 140 x 100 cm (bed suitable for Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Mastiff, etc.)
Who should buy the Hero Dog bed?

Who wants a very thin bed (blanket type) for their dog, which can be placed both on the floor and on a sofa or furniture.

The   Hero Dog Padded Dog Blanket has a price that varies depending on the version you choose. You can see all the available sizes and offers by clicking on the following link.

Where to buy the Hero Dog bed?

12- Raised dog bed ideal for outdoors | AmazonBasics

This  raised bed for dogs  from  AmazonBasics  is ideal to have it in a patio, a terrace or a garden, although if you want, you can also have it inside your house. It has a metal frame with four legs that raises your dog 17.7 cm, allowing air to flow, and isolating it from moisture or heat from the ground. In addition, the mesh fabric for lying down is very durable and offers greater breathability, which will help keep your furry cool in the summer months.

Its tubular steel frame, powder-coated, keeps the mesh fabric in place, and the frame’s gently curved corners and 4 stable legs ensure safety and stability. In addition to all this, it is very easy to clean, either by wetting it with a hose or by removing the mesh fabric from the frame and putting it in the washing machine.

The bed is shipped unassembled, but it is very easy to assemble it. The necessary screws, and a hexagonal screwdriver, as well as the corresponding instruction manual are included in the box. You have it available in two different colors (green and gray), and in five different sizes:

  • XS: 70 x 50 x 18,5 cm.
  • S: 90,4 x 55,3 x 19 cm.
  • M: 110,2 x 65,5 x 19 cm.
  • L: 130,3 x 80 x 19,3 cm.
  • XL: 152,6 x 94 x 22,6 cm.

Who should buy the AmazonBasics bed?

Who wants to get a dog bed that is ideal to have in the garden, terrace or patio and that does not give heat to their furry during the hot summer months.

The   AmazonBasics Loft Dog Bed is priced which varies depending on the version you choose. You can see it in more depth – and, if you want, buy it – by clicking on the following link.

Where to buy the AmazonBasics bed?

Other interesting dog beds

Although the dog beds that we have just shown you seem to us the most interesting on the market, there are also other models that stand out for having some type of specific characteristic and that could be adjusted to your needs. You can see them below, by clicking on the links that we are going to leave you:

  • Wooden and personalized dog bed: WoodLights ( See at Amazon )
  • Round bed for small and medium dogs : Hound ( See at Amazon )
  • Fabric kennel bed for small dogs : SODIAL ( See at Amazon )
  • Small Dog Tent Bed : Dewel ( View on Amazon )
  • Cold summer bed for dogs (cooling mat type) : Pecute ( See on Amazon )
  • Electric heating blanket (winter bed for dogs) : Pecute ( See on Amazon )
  • Furhaven Orthopedic CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Pet Beds: Personalized Beds ( See on Amazon )

Buying guide: everything you need to know about dog beds

We have already seen a wide selection of dog beds but… which one to choose? Obviously, this will depend on the type of dog you have, its size, the position it adopts to sleep, its age and health and several other factors, such as the space you have, your budget, or how devastating it is. your dog.

Why is it essential that your dog has his own bed?

Dogs are pack animals, which means that they love being around. Your dog may jump into your bed at night, to sleep close to you, or snuggle up next to you on the couch, and if you don’t mind him doing so, you may be tempted to think that it isn’t necessary. buy him a bed, because at the end of the day he will end up sleeping wherever he wants.

What I was commenting on in the previous paragraph could be said to be the story of my life, and that of my dog ​​Rufus, who does precisely what I have described, so I speak from experience. However, despite the fact that on many occasions Rufus sleeps on the sofa or on top of the bed – because I allow it, after all – he also has a bed that is only his, and that he loves.

“Although dogs love to sleep on the sofa, or even, if we allow it, in our beds, it is always convenient that they have their own bed.”

And it is that, as much as our dogs are sociable animals that love to be accompanied, they also need to have a place that they can consider their own, and where they can go when they want to be calm, without being disturbed by anyone. After all, dogs are not that different from us!

Factors to consider when choosing a bed for your dog

The choice of the ideal bed for your dog will depend, to a large extent, on its own characteristics: its size, the position it adopts to sleep, its age and state of health, etc. But you should also take into account other factors, such as the space you have, your budget, or how devastating your dog is. In this section we will see the things that you should take into account when buying a dog bed.

Dog size

This is obviously the first factor to consider when buying a dog bed , especially if your dog is large. Ideally, the chosen bed should measure in length, at least, what your dog measures from the muzzle to the beginning of the tail, so that it has enough space, even if it stretches.

“The ideal bed should measure, at a minimum, what the dog measures from the muzzle to the beginning of its tail.”

Be that as it may, if you are in doubt between two sizes, it is best to choose the larger one, for what it is better than not missing: it is better that your dog has some space left over than it has to sleep cowering in a bed too small for him.

Mattress thickness

One very important thing, especially if we have a large dog, with a considerable weight, is that the mattress of the bed is thick and consistent enough, since otherwise, when lying down it could crush it to the point that it would end, practically sleeping as if he were on the floor. In these cases, dog beds made with consistent foam will be especially good for you , especially if it is memory foam.

The way your dog sleeps

On the market we can find dog beds of all kinds: square or round, with raised edges or a simple mattress. To choose the most suitable for your furry you must pay attention to the position that he likes to adopt when sleeping.

“Before choosing a bed, it is important to observe the dog to know the position he likes to adopt when sleeping.”

If you are one of those who like to sleep curled up and snuggled up, they will be very comfortable in a round bed, or a sofa type, with raised edges. If, on the other hand, they like to stretch and spread out, a mattress may be the best option, or also a sofa-type bed, with raised edges, as long as it is spacious enough to allow you to stretch out as much as you want.

Your dog’s age and health

Obviously, it is not the same to buy a bed for a puppy, than for an adult dog, or an elderly one, and this is something that we will have to take into account when choosing a bed. If you have a puppy, you have to take into account that it has to grow, so it is better to buy a bed slightly larger than it currently needs.

You should also think that it is easy for a puppy to have an “accident”, since he still does not know how to control his bladder, so if the bed is waterproof, all the better. On the other hand, a puppy tends to bite everything, especially when it is changing its teeth, so it would not be strange if it ends up destroying its bed.

“Both your dog’s age and his health are important factors to take into account when choosing a bed for him.”

Come on, it is best to consider an option that is not very expensive, and buy a higher quality bed when the dog has grown and is calmer … at least, that’s what I did.

If, on the other hand, your furry is getting older, or if he has mobility problems, the best thing you can do is buy him an orthopedic bed for dogs , which will relieve his joints and allow him to have a good rest. These are slightly more expensive beds, of course, but your dog will thank you, since it will gain in health and quality of life.

Cleaning the bed

When choosing a dog bed, you also have to be practical, and take into account how easy it is to clean. And it is that, no matter how much we brush and wash our dogs, the bed in which they sleep is going to end up full of hair and smelling bad. That is why it is very important to choose a bed that is easy to clean. The best thing is that it comes with a cover that can be removed and washed in the washing machine.

Where are you going to put the bed

Before you start buying a bed for your dog , make sure you are very clear about where you are going to place it. If you want to provide a place for him to sleep peacefully, without anyone disturbing his sleep and rest, choose a place with little traffic, where he can relax completely. If what you are looking for in a place where your furry can rest while enjoying your company and that of the rest of the family, then you can place it in the kitchen or living room.

“The ideal would be to have more than one bed for your dog, located in different areas of the house.”

It is actually a good idea that you have more than one bed for your but ; the main one would be so that he could sleep totally relaxed and comfortable, and in this case you can afford to spend more money, to provide him with a quality resting place. But you could also have another simpler and cheaper bed for those times when you just want a place to lie down with your human family.

Whatever your case, take into account the space you have in the place where you want to place your dog’s bed , in order to get one that fits well, and that is as good as possible when you place it.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about dog beds

Does a dog need to have its own bed?

Of course. 
Even though many dogs love to sleep on the sofa, or even in bed next to their human companions, if they allow it, they need to have a space of their own, which is only theirs, to go to when they need to be calm, without let no one bother them.

How big should my dog’s bed be?

A dog bed should be at least as long as the dog that is going to use it from its muzzle to the beginning of its tail. 
This way he would have enough space, even if he wanted to sleep stretched out.

Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

Surely each dog will have his personal tastes but, as it happens to us humans, dogs sleep better in beds that are rather firm, and that do not sink too much when lying on them.

What is the most comfortable dog bed?

In general, the most comfortable dog beds are those with orthopedic or memory foam mattresses, as they have a firmness and thickness that offer optimal support to your spine and joints.

What is the best bed for elderly dogs or those with mobility problems?

Elderly dogs or those with mobility problems will greatly benefit from an orthopedic bed, made with memory foam, since it is an optimal material that offers great support to their joints, making them very comfortable.

Are Memory Foam Dog Beds Good ?

Without a doubt, memory foam, or memory foam, is an excellent material to make beds for dogs, since it adapts perfectly to their body, eliminating pressure points and providing relief from joint pain.

Do dogs like raised beds?

Raised beds are very practical in hot weather as they allow air to circulate underneath, keeping them cool. 
Dogs tend to seek cool places in the summer, so a raised bed can be a great solution so they don’t have to lie on the ground.

Keep these aspects in mind and also think about how your dog could be more comfortable, if on a more or less padded bed, with or without borders. Each dog is different and it never hurts to try different things to find out what yours prefers.

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