April Fools’ Day

120+ April Fool’s Day Wishes SMS Text Messages Quotes and Jokes

Why is April Fool’s Day celebrated on April 1?

Everything indicates that this American celebration has its origin in 1582 when King Carlos IX decided to change the calendar. Until then, the New Year’s party was celebrated from March 25 (after the beginning of spring) until April 1. But the Gregorian calendar moved that celebration to January 1.

Thus began the jokes to ridicule those who did not register the change, the “April Fools”, sending them invitations to non-existent parties, or unusual gifts, in what they christened “Poisson d’avril” (April Fish). The nickname alluded to the sign of Pisces -which according to the old calendar ended in that month-, although there are those who attribute the expression to a “young fish, easily caught”. That is, to a credulous person.

One of the most frequent jokes was spreading “royal edicts” with funny content, sending the person on an unnecessary errand or announcing a false marriage that was supposed to take place that day.

Not even Napoleon himself could escape the mockery and they called him “April Fish” because he chose April 1, 1810, to marry Archduchess Maria Luisa of Austria. Already accustomed to the new date of the New Year, the French continued this tradition, which also moved to Italy, where year after year the “Pesce d’aprile” is celebrated.


April 1 or April Fish is recognized in many parts of the world, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Japan. Another legend about April 1 is the Fous holiday celebrated on April 1 in Pagan culture. A similar feast called Hilarya is celebrated in ancient Rome. In India, this holiday is celebrated as Holi on March 31st. While Scotland celebrates April 1 as Gowk or Cuckoo Day, England celebrates April 1 as April Fools’ Day. The application of April 1 in our dormitory is generally seen in schools during the student period. Young people compete to joke and deceive each other. It is also known that media outlets excited some people and enlivened the day with shocking news on April 1, albeit rarely. There are not many important events on April 1 in our country. Unlike other important days, it does not have the power to stimulate commercial transactions. Even if it is a little, it can positively affect the sales of the shops selling joke material

April Fool’s Day Jokes

April Fool’s Day Jokes

Absolutely the best thing to do with your coworker’s keyboard. Sprinkle some seeds and wait for it to turn green

After filling the cola can with soda, you can fill the soy sauce until it turns cola color, so you can mislead your victim.

You can make a very loud joke by putting a horn where the doorknob will coincide.

Another suggestion for April 1 is to apply transparent nail polish to soap.

Cut the biscuits you take out of the package carefully, without breaking them, in half. Scrape off the cream in the middle with the help of a knife and squeeze toothpaste instead. Then assemble it. Wait for the victim to go and ask for a biscuit.

Take the medium-sized onions and cover them with chocolate. Look at the shape of your face while you eat it …

Put the plastic bags in the ice container and wait for them to freeze. If your victim wants a cold drink, pour the insect ice into his glass and watch what happens.

April Fool’s Day Prank

April Fool’s Day Prank

You can dress in the same colour with the chair’s cushions and make your friend’s heart jump. ( Funny April fools day pranks )

You can save the name of a favourite celebrity, an old friend or a cartoon character on your relative’s phone with your number. So you can call or text him early in the morning on April 1 and confuse him.

The best thing to do with your coworker’s keyboard. Sprinkle some seeds and wait for them to turn green After filling the cola can with soda, you can fill the soy sauce until it turns cola colour so that you can mislead your victim.

You can make a very loud joke by putting a horn where the doorknob will coincide.

Another suggestion for April 1 is to apply transparent nail polish to soap.

Cut the biscuits you take out of the package carefully, without breaking them, in half. Scrape off the cream in the middle with the help of a knife and squeeze toothpaste instead. Then assemble it. Wait for the victim to go and ask for a biscuit.

Take the medium-sized onions and cover them with chocolate. Look at the shape of your face while you eat it.

Put the plastic bags in the ice container and wait for them to freeze. If your victim wants a cold drink, pour the insect ice into his glass and watch what happens.

Paint the solid soap with transparent nail polish, the dry nail polish will cause the soap to harden, and the person who wants to use the product will not reach the soap.

April Fool’s Messages

April Fools Day Messages
April Fools Day Messages

Don’t worry about I have no money! You are wasting yourself every day anyway …

I loved someone car hit, and I loved someone died of cancer, I loved someone, they fell from the roof, look don’t be angry, I love you too …

I didn’t eat breakfast because I think of you, I didn’t eat lunch because I think of you, I didn’t eat dinner because I think of you, I couldn’t sleep at night because I AM ON !!!

If you can’t get up early in the morning, then put a glass of water next to you. How Does? So by the buoyancy of the water …

The message is not fully received due to the lines’ density, and the message is being loaded. This process may take a few minutes. Please wait…

If you see my love for you, you will kneel before you and wish for mercy. But my love didn’t get small enough to look at you. You are a tailor’s daughter, and I’m the son of a manufacturer. We can’t unite…

April Fool’s Day SMS

I don’t know how to tell you – it’s quite important and I don’t know how to start. I know you wouldn’t expect that from me, but it happened. I fell in love with your girlfriend… I don’t know how it all started… I told her I love her and she told me… do you know what she told me? Let me make bad jokes on April 1st!

I thought, honey, you don’t have to live a lie anymore and tell me who I really am. I’ve been cheating on you for 3 months with your best friend since he came to me, and I couldn’t refuse him. I apologize for the hurt feelings, and I promise it’s the last April Fool’s trick I’m giving you. I love you!

Because you are one of my good friends, I am sending you this message to let you know that tomorrow I am moving home to Canada with other nations of mine. If you want this week we can meet to say goodbye.

I’m sending you this message to let you know that we can’t meet again because I had an accident, a car hit me, and now I’m in the hospital and I found out that my leg needs to be amputated, so I want -I tell you you have to come visit me at the hospital to find out that it was actually an April Fool’s trick.

Today is the last day of my life. I decided to take my days off. Know that I love you so much. Come to me because you will find a farewell note in which you will find out that it was an April Fool’s trick!

Honey, I think after all this time spent together it’s time to tell you the truth: I’m actually GAY and I’ve only teamed up with you to be closer to (the name of a friend of hers).

My dear boyfriend, I want to give you news: I AM PREGNANT with new duties at work. I hope it will also give me a raise!

I heard on the news that a man was found at the zoo naked, very ugly with foam in his mouth and I immediately thought to ask you if you are okay! Wait for response !

Someone misses you nevoie needs you… thinks of you… wants to be with you… wants to be by your side always. Do you know who? ZOO monkey!

You are beautiful, intelligent, sexy, excellent in bed, a real star in society, you know how to play with women on your fingers, you know how to tell jokes and be interesting, you are everything a woman can want. But don’t forget that today is April 1st. I fooled you!

April Fool’s Day Messages for Boyfriend

April Fools Day Messages For Boyfriend

Make your boyfriend’s phone ring and hang up. When he comes back, I will make a girl talk if you are a man or a man if you are a girl, and I was walking around on xxx’s phone—a very risky but unforgettable joke.

Put a litre of water in front of it and say that I will look at the water fortune. After saying something like hocus pocus, whisper something, smell it, smell it by saying it is done, and pour the water on it while you are just sniffing.

Take the cream biscuit, open between it, clean the cream. Apply toothpaste, close, then serve.

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I watched a video. The man is jumping down next to his lover. Below is an inflatable mattress. “Will U Marry Me?” he is writing. The girl screams and looks down 🙂 So she sees the marriage proposal 🙂

 My fiancee said I had heart disease, and they would put a battery in my heart. It was coming down to my heart with fear.

Say “I don’t want my life tonight” to the boy on the night of April 1 and turn your back and pretend he is asleep.

You can be as cruel as you wish in your jokes. You must know too! However, I would say you do not neglect to do this by drawing your relationship’s boundaries.


April Fools Day Text
April Fools Day Text


There is a cardboard box and a balloon filled with inflated water is put into it. Then watch the rumble. When the bubble burst, water pours out of the holes of the box. The event ends with a pleasant chase.


A pack of cream biscuits is bought. A few biscuits are cut in the middle and the cream is taken, instead the toothpaste is squeezed. A regular cookie with toothpaste is stacked on top of the package in turn. When we come to the friend to be made joking, we throw one in our mouth and then we offer it to the friend. Naturally, this will say what the hell is this. You can say what is fine before you make the situation worse, and throw the next normal biscuit to a few of you. Try it again and offer the next biscuit again.


There are jokes in the crowd. Even though these are classic jokes, let’s talk about them. Three or four people come together, start walking on a crowded street, and when someone is met, the legs are lifted as if there was a rope in front of him and they were being passed over. Having too many people increases credibility. Or, instead of a rope, it is looked at at the same time by focusing on a point, as if there was something. In the meantime, a person is assigned to observe the reaction of the people who are joking. It might be looking up altogether, but it’s a well-known witch.


If you find someone who doesn’t know this joke, you can apply it. The mouth of a pipe is painted black. You can look at the application area without touching your eyes. Aaa! what an interesting thing, you look at it. That person takes it and says “so what’s wrong?” But he is unaware of the ring around his eye. If you want to try this joke with jam, it will be very nice.


This is a little known bum. You are sitting at the table. A glass of tea or water has come. Otherwise, do not wait for the forehead to come. It is said to the victim that you will put your two thumbs on the edge of the table, and I will put the glass on two fingers, let’s see if you can take it without overturning. Different gassing can be made to say ok Put the glass, he’s going to work a little bit and he won’t get it and he’ll say check. Of course, you will not pull it, you will go away and it will stop.


Inside the hedgehog box, you will put a small ball of black hairy yarn. You will tie a thin invisible twine to it and twist it from the bottom and tape it to the farthest corner of the hedgehog box. When opening the hedgehog box the rope will pull the black ball. And so it will feel like a weird insect shooting out of the ball box. Its application is up to you. Note: It is useful to install a triangular ramp in the corner so that the ball is not caught inside the box.


A small coin-sized lid is opened from tangerine gold. The cover must be carefully cut as it will be placed in place later. From this hole, the fleshy fruit inside is carefully removed with the help of a teaspoon or something else. The beluga inside is filled with things such as mayonnaise, jam or flour. The cap is properly glued. (It can be seen in a few places with an indeterminate orange thread). The victim applies hand pressure to peel the tangerine, this pressure pulls the fruit out and portray it.


If someone we know has a photo, we take a good photocopy and make photomontages for the news in the middle pages of the newspaper. Then we get him to read the newspaper, while we stand on the sidelines and see what he will do. This joke will be very funny if it is applied well. We witnessed that this sacrifice was successfully implemented once in a report titled “Old man using Viagra was caught with Natasa”.


First, you make a nice blend and after it cools down, you put it in a sugar bag. You hide this inside the jacket and go to a crowded place. You give the image of getting sick and pretend to vomit into the bag without notice. When the attention of the people around you turns to you, you put your hand into the bag and start eating the melamine with your hand. Be careful, don’t let the people around you throw up on you 🙂 Is that so disgusting 🙂

Potato Delight Joke

We cut the potato into Turkish delight-sized cubes, then find it in flour, it turns into Turkish delight. They are very similar to each other, then feed it to your parents or other friends.

Spray Can: Take a spray can, fill it with water and go to your teacher, pretend to sneeze and spray the spray at the same time. See what happens? Although we showed the teacher the spray, he could not recover for 15 minutes.

Lost Wanted Joke

Again, as in the sela joke, this is a joke made by friends we can call the enemy. Under the passport photos of their friends, they write “Lost is sought, mentally unstable, it is dangerous, it may bite, those who find it are requested to bring it to the address below on behalf of humanity.” It would be a complete prank 🙂 Or, on the contrary, write that the elevator is defective.

Joke to your mother-in-law

Order a tube at your mother-in-law’s house. Offer carboy water to your mother-in-law’s house. Write the urgent sale paper to your mother-in-law’s house for cancer. Father-in-law: Go to an imam and say, teacher, there is a funeral, can you wash it, give the address of the father-in-law. Advertisement Phone: Paste THIS FOR RENT to your neighbours’ windows and shops and give the phone to someone you do not like to apply. My Cat Is Missing: Write that you will give 5 billion to the street who finds your cat disappeared. Do not take those who bring a cat saying this is not my cat

There is the lamb in the evening: Call the spouse and tell the friend that you slaughtered the lamb and wait for dinner at 6 pm, then drink tripe soup.

Withdrawing from Visiting: Call your spouse and tell him that you will come to sit in the evening. Get ready but stop at the last minute.

For Students: Make a lump of black thread between the class notebook and put it. and screaming when the teacher opens. to scare the teacher.

Easy Computer Screen Joke: A simple but effective trick: take a screenshot of the entire desktop and make it a background on your victim’s computer. Then hide the toolbar and shortcut icons and be ready to laugh out loud about your poor victim’s efforts to regain control. Another desktop joke might be to make this desktop picture a wallpaper, making your victims believe that their monitors are broken, at least for a second.

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